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Understanding And Overcoming Hydrocele And Similar Disorders

Hydrocele is an accumulation of serum in the scrotum. Normally there is a limited amount of serum within the scrotum and in the walls of the testicles to serve as protection against friction and for better health of the cells, but under certain conditions this fluid increases in quantity and may become extreme in amount.

While there is little pain or distress with this condition there often is sufficient swelling to cause much inconvenience. When appearing later in life it usually results from injury to the testicle, from gonorrheal infection, from obstruction of the abdominal veins, or tuberculosis or general dropsy. It may cause sufficient pressure upon the testicle and spermatic vessels to have the effect of causing atrophy or defective functioning of these glands.

Hydrocele may exist from birth (congenital hydrocele). This condition like a rupture, is reducible, for the scrotum communicates with the internal abdomen. Again, like a rupture, it may show an impulse on coughing.

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